Actually enjoy working toward a goal

Achieving a goal is a personal win, and many people reach their goals by concentrating on the desired outcome until it’s achieved. However, if you’re too focused on the destination you might miss the fun of the journey. Everyone has the will to win, but not everyone has the will to prepare and pursue the win, David Meltzer writes at Entrepreneur. He offers this advice for preparing for and enjoying the pursuit of your goals.

Set your mind on what you want and prioritize it in your life. Decide exactly what you want to achieve, then concentrate on the skills and knowledge you need to achieve it rather than focusing solely on the outcome. Commit to a certain amount of work each day and enjoy the process of getting there.

Put in work toward your goal every day. If you want to learn a new language, it’s better to practice a little bit every day than to drown yourself in it for hours one day a week. You’ll grow faster if you practice and learn new things in small increments each day.

Try to forget about the outcome. If you set time limits and specific targets for your goal you’ll probably focus too hard on the outcome and won’t enjoy the process. Think about the reasons you want to achieve the goal, the impact it will have on your life and what skills you need to get there.

— Adapted from “Why Achieving Your Goal Should Not Be the Most Important Thing,” David Meltzer, Entrepreneur.

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