Survive this quiz and you’re a project manager

Give yourself 3 points for every ‘Yes’ answer to the questions below, and 1 point for every ‘No.’ Be honest! We believe you need 35 points to survive the high-wire act of being a project manager …

1. When something goes wrong and you know who’s responsible, do you get right up and go find them to discuss it immediately and without trying to find a way not to?

2. Could you easily tell your best friend that an idea they’re really excited about isn’t very good?

3. Are you a little intimidated by people who rank higher in the organization than you do?

4. Are you OK with quickly learning an entirely new app or piece of software on very short notice?

5. Think of the person you like least in the office. Would you be able to work with them on something closely without being critical or getting upset?

6. If you were instrumental in completing a project but you didn’t seem to get any real credit for it, could you just let it roll off your back and move on?

7. Do you know what is meant by “scope creep”?

8. Have you contributed a big new idea to your team recently?

9. When you’re upset, do you try to give yourself some time to settle before venting?

10. If getting an important job done meant having to hurt a person’s feelings, would you still want to take on the job?

11. Are you fine with working extra hours not because there’s a lot to do, but because things aren’t going along smoothly or being run properly?

12. Does it bother you when a small detail is out of whack?

13. Can you say that you haven’t lost an important note, email or document in the past three months?

14. Do you feel you understand what truly motivates every department of the place where you work, and the challenges those people face?

15. Think of the time when you were most humbled at work by a mistake. Did you simply accept responsibility without trying to defend yourself in some way?