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Recruiting: Attract millennials by helping pay their student loans

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in Compensation and Benefits,Hiring,Human Resources

By Alyssa Schaefer

Ten years ago, millennials flocked to employers that offered free snacks and ping-pong tables. That demographic is all grown up now, and they’re seeking more meaningful benefits from their employers, benefits that bring tangible value and long-term results.

Smart employers know it pays to appeal to millennial employees. In 2016, they became the largest generational cohort at work—35% of the workforce, compared to 33% for Gen Xers and 25% for baby boomers.

For many millennials, one constant has defined their financial status for the entirety of their adult lives: The burden of student loan debt.

As the chief marketing officer of a tech-driven bank, I hear from our millennial staff all the time about their needs. Student loan debt is considered an epidemic in our country. It is a major obstacle standing in the way of millennials achieving their financial goals.

The debt that workers bear

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