Roseanne Barr is at it again

Roseanne Barr has been making waves for decades. From shrieking and making obscene gestures during the National Anthem to simply “saying what’s on her mind,” the actress has a way of being noticed. Usually for the wrong reasons.

Her latest misstep is just that. After her late-night, highly inappropriate, racist tweet (which I refuse to repeat here) sparked a social media fire storm, ABC canned the reboot of her popular “Roseanne” show. Several more stations took repeats of the old show off the air.

I’m not sure why the world is so shocked.

This is a woman who has never shied away from controversy. I mean, she dressed up as Hitler pulling burnt gingerbread men from an oven for a magazine cover. And she has always shared her opinions and crazy conspiracy theories. We all knew who she was.

The problem I have is that Barr’s insistence on saying whatever comes to her mind cost her co-workers dearly. The original cast will lose income because the repeats aren’t airing. If you couldn’t care less about “rich” actors losing income, look at all the behind-the-scenes staff who are out of work. All because Barr can’t censor herself.

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I believe in free speech, but what you say has consequences—especially when your words can impact your organization’s bottom line. No doubt, ABC acted swiftly in killing the show because they knew a boycott was coming if they didn’t.

Think twice about what you say online—and whether it’s worth the consequences. I’m guessing Barr wishes she had.