6 steps to a strong video script

People are more likely to understand, pay attention to, and engage with content in video form.

Whether you are developing content for training, marketing, sales or customer engagement, find ways to integrate video. Then follow these steps to write a compelling video script:

Create an outline. In one sentence, write down the goal of the video. Then jot down the three to five points you must cover.

Don’t write a long-winded introduction. Within 30 seconds, people should know who you are and understand the purpose of your video. Hook your audience by telling them how they will benefit if they watch until the end. Don’t fill it with a bunch of fluff or talk about yourself.

Write the script the way people speak. You want your video to be more conversational, not overly formal. So as you write it out, make sure it actually sounds like a human speaking to another human. Not a lecture or presentation.

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Keep sentences short. Overly long sentences don’t present well on video. Read and edit until you have eliminated all unnecessary words and phrases.

Add some art direction. Include notes about body gestures, sound effects, music, effects and any other aspects you want to incorporate into the video. That will help guide whomever is creating the video—and if it’s you, ensure that you don’t forget anything.

Finish with a strong Call to Action. Before you wrap, concisely and clearly tell people to take a specific action, for example, to visit your website or take a training quiz.

— Adapted from “15 Easy Tips for Writing Video Marketing Scripts,” Danielle Rhodes, Business 2 Community, www.business2community.com.