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Prevent learning decay at work

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You invest a good bit of time and money on learning and development opportunities for employees at work. Make sure that the training sticks by following these rules:

Encourage employees to apply what they learned in a real-life situation. Then discuss the outcome with them.

Provide ongoing coaching. When the training session and initial real-world application is over, don’t stop there. Check in periodically, to confirm that employees have adopted new behaviors and are using their new skills as intended.

Track improvements. After a successful training session, you should see marked improvement in employees’ performance, quality of work or behavior. Set up benchmarks or metrics that allow you to monitor employees’ progress, and if you fail to see any improvement, remind them to use their training.

— Adapted from “Five Ways to Decrease Learning Decay in the Workplace,” Phil Geldart, Chief Learning Officer, www.clomedia.com.

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