3 tips to strengthen your writing

Become a stronger writer by following these tips from Mignon Fogarty, the Grammar Girl:

Tame the corporate speak. “Leveraging our knowledge,” “strategically aligned” or “uniquely positioned” don’t mean much to the average person. Skip the vague, fancy phrases and just say what you mean to ensure customers understand you.

Stop capitalizing words that don’t need it. In corporate writing, it’s become common to randomly capitalize titles, products and services, and other words, for emphasis. It’s incorrect. Instead, stick to basic capitalization rules.

Google grammar rules. If you don’t know the difference between “effect” and “affect” or you’re not sure if you should capitalize “to” in a title, don’t guess, Google it. Check spellings online too. You can’t rely on your spell and grammar check to find everything, so if you are unsure about something, find an answer online.

— Adapted from “How to Polish Your Business Writing, According to ‘Grammar Girl,’” Amy George, Inc., www.inc.com.

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