4 Google Doc time savers

Work smarter when you use Google Docs. Here are some hacks that can save you time and frustration:

Templates. Go to Drive.google.com/templates to find a variety of preformatted documents you can use to quickly and easily create a business letter, project proposal, meeting agenda and more.

Voice typing. You can actually dictate your draft or notes instead of typing them. In Google Docs, from Tools, select “Voice Typing.” Click the black microphone icon and begin speaking after it turns red.

Color coding. Establish a color coding system to organize your files. Simply click on any folder, select “Change Color” and choose from any of the 24 colors.

e-Sign. With the PandaDoc add-on, you can insert your e-signature to a doc from any device.

— Adapted from “6 Google Doc Hacks to Boost Your Productivity,” John Boitnott, Inc., www.inc.com.