Nail employees’ midyear check-ins

Check-insNow is the perfect time to sit down with employees, assess how far they’ve come—and determine how far they still need to go. Follow this process to conduct midyear check-ins that motivate employees to make the most of the second half of the year:

Ensure employees understand the purpose of the meeting. Employees often dread evaluations and reviews. Another one might feel like a punishment. Explain that you’re conducting check-ins to gauge everyone’s progress and achievements so far, not to discipline them.

Reevaluate goals. Business priorities may have changed and goals you set at the beginning of the year may no longer be relevant. Review each employees’ goals, eliminate ones that no longer support overall team or organization goals, and add new ones as needed.

Assess progress on remaining goals. For those goals that are still relevant, evaluate where employees stand. Are they on track to meet their goals? If not, create action plans to get them back on track.

Review accomplishments from the first half of the year. Have they already hit goals? Surpassed expectations? Received accolades? Focus on what they’ve done to help their co-workers, the team, customers or organizations. Recognizing their achievements reinforces the idea that the midyear check-in isn’t meant to be negative or punitive, but rather, a thorough assessment of their performance so far in 2018.

Tough Talks D

Clear obstacles. Finally, talk about any problems they’re experiencing or obstacles that threaten their success. This shouldn’t turn into complaining or excuse-making, but do offer employees an opportunity to talk openly and honestly about issues that impede their progress.

Establish coaching and training objectives. All employees, even the best ones, have some weaknesses. Pinpoint areas they can improve, specifically areas that will help them meet their goals. Then provide coaching and training in those areas.

— Adapted from “How to Use Mid-Year Appraisals and Mid-Year Check-Ins,” David Creelman, Saba Blog,