CalOSHA ergonomic regs for hotel staff take effect July 1

Revised musculoskeletal injury prevention regulations for hotel housekeepers take effect July 1. Affected employers have until Oct. 1 to develop musculoskeletal injury protection plans, or MIPPs.

Revised MIPPs may be stand-alone policies or may be incorporated into an existing written Injury and Illness Prevention Plan. Unlike IIPPs, MIPPs must be accessible to employees during their shift. Employers may provide electronic copies as long as there are no barriers to employees accessing them.

Additionally, affected employers have until Oct. 1 to complete an initial worksite evaluation to identify and address potential injury risks to housekeepers. The initial evaluation, as well as subsequent annual evaluations, “shall include an effective means of involving housekeepers and their union representative in designing and conducting the worksite evaluation.”

The MIPPs procedures for investigating a housekeeper’s musculoskeletal injuries must allow for input from the union representatives.