Rowlett, Texas bar to pay $20,000 to settles pregnancy bias suit

The owner of Nick’s Sports Grille in Rowlett, outside Dallas, has agreed to settle charges it discriminated against a pregnant bartender who was fired after she could no longer fit into the bar’s skimpy uniform. Nick’s requires female servers to wear a body-hugging top and short shorts. As her pregnancy progressed, the bartender wore capri pants and another layer of clothing.

Nick’s general manager approached the woman bartender and told her the owner would not approve of her improvised uniform. Then he fired her.

She filed an EEOC complaint alleging Nick’s violated the Pregnancy Discrimination Act as it amends Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. When the EEOC was unable to resolve the dispute through its conciliation process, it filed suit.

That got the bar’s attention. Instead of going to trial, the owners elected to settle for $20,000.

A three-year consent decree bars the company that owns Nick’s from discriminating against workers based on sex and from retaliating against them. It must also distribute its employee handbook to all employees and post a notice about the decree on employee bulletin boards. It must provide annual anti-discrimination training, report all discrimination complaints to the EEOC and discipline any manager who discriminates based on sex or permits such discrimination to occur.