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Wrongfully termination? Do the math before deciding not to take employee back

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in Firing,Human Resources

When an employer is found to have discriminated against a worker who was terminated, two big questions arise: whether the remedy will be reinstatement or payment of so-called front pay—the amount the employee would have earned had he not been fired.

If it is clear the worker won’t be rehired, the court will try to determine how much the wrongful termination cost the worker in lost income. That figure depends on a long list of individualized factors, including the length of prior employment, the permanency of the old position, the nature of the work, the age and physical condition of the worker and other unique-to-the-case factors.

Recent case: Robert had a criminal record, which made it difficult to get regular work that paid well. He was delighted when Sanderson Farms, a poultry processing plant, hired him as a custodian at a decent wage with benefits.

He was so happy, in fact, that he stayed on the job for 30 mont...(register to read more)

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