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Leading to TEAM

Feedback doesn’t have to fall on deaf ears

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in Leading to TEAM

Ever feel like the feedback you give to your employees falls on deaf ears? Do you find that despite giving feedback often, the same frustrating patterns are consistently repeated? We’re going to offer you a few things to consider, so that your feedback will be BETTER delivered and more readily received, heard and implemented.

Firstly, remember what feedback is intended to achieve. Feedback is a bridge from where you are to where you want to be. The ability to deliver effective feedback is key to your team’s success. Giving and receiving feedback is a core communication tool that managers have to optimize their team’s performance. Feedback is a TEAM building tool.

Secondly, examine what type of “feedback environment” you have created. As a manager make it your goal to create a positive, open and safe feedback environment. Many employees feel nervous or worried when they hear the world feedback due to hurtful pas...(register to read more)

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