When you’ve got a slacker on your hands

Almost every office has someone who doesn’t pull their weight and doesn’t follow through with responsibilities. You’ve probably worked with one before and will have to again, so Chrissy Scivicque offers this advice for dealing with a slacker.

If their failings don’t affect your work, don’t cover for them. Rather than instinctively picking up their slack, allow them to fail and see what happens.

If the slacker is affecting your work, talk to them about it. Avoid attacking them, and ask why they’re falling behind. Explain how it’s negatively affecting your work.

If it doesn’t get better, go to your boss. Let them know you’ve tried to address the problem and give specifics. Don’t let your emotions take charge, but frame it as a problem that hurts the organization.

If all else fails, accept the problem. You might have to use your energy on something more important.

— Adapted from “How to Deal With a Slacker at Work,” Chrissy Scivicque, U.S. News & World Report.