Quiz: The multitasker’s dilemma

Multitasking For each one of the behaviors below that you’re guilty of, give yourself a point. Oh, but don’t get happy if you start racking them up—each one is a sign you may be doing too much.

The questions are from the book Singletasking by Devora Zack. How often do you:

  • Use your handheld device while driving?
  • Meet someone new and can’t recall their name within moments?
  • Respond to a message while in a meeting?
  • Forget what precedes the question, “What do you think about that?”
  • Use your handheld device while walking?
  • Use your smartphone while talking to another person?
  • Intend to do a task but then become sidetracked?
  • Show up at the wrong time or place for an appointment?
  • Pretend you’re taking notes on your laptop while you’re really engaged in another task—websurfing, checking email, etc.?
  • Exit the elevator on the wrong floor because you were distracted?
  • Have to reread or rewatch something because you weren’t focused?
  • Realize you aren’t giving someone your complete attention?
  • Keep your handheld device on the table during meals, checking it often?
  • Feel compelled to respond to work demands when you’re off the clock?
  • Write a note on a piece of scrap paper only to lose it?
  • Finish workdays with the sense you didn’t get enough done?
  • Lose your train of thought due to media interruptions?
  • Hear from others that you’re easily distracted?
  • Surf the web, go on social media, or respond to messages while on the phone?
  • Experience a lack of fulfillment and productivity, despite being busy?