SmartArt vs. Visio for infographics

Q. I have infographics to create for a project. Is Visio my best option?

SmartArtA. Visio is a fully featured graphics package that will help you create detailed and interactive diagrams such as network maps and organizational charts. The “intelligence” of these graphics can also be translated to other programs such as SharePoint Designer in the case of flow diagrams. However, in all standard Microsoft Office apps, you’ll find an illustration tool called SmartArt. It enables multilevel/multinode infographics.

Read the instructions for each choice to make sure it has the complexity and depth that you need before selecting it. Not all diagram choices grow in exactly the same way.

While there is no automatic interactivity built in, for example, linking departments and subteams in an organizational chart, using PowerPoint, you could create hyperlinks to other slides from a single shape. Place Action buttons (Insert tab, Illustrations group, Shapes). You’ll find these at the bottom of the Shapes dropdown box.