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11 questions you probably have about taking minutes

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Robert Lentz

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You feel you've almost got minute-taking down, but there's still that tiny flutter of apprehension going into a meeting. See if our Q&A soothes your mind:

1. The chairperson tended to talk really fast and sometimes I had trouble keeping up with him. What if I had really lost track of what he was saying?

It's totally appropriate to put up your hand and ask the person to repeat what was just said. It will be helpful to lead off with "For the minutes…”, which is a subtle way to remind attendees that the proceedings are being transcribed and they may have to sometimes move at a slightly slower pace.

2. What's the longest I should wait after a meeting to turn my notes into the chairperson?

24 hours is a good rule—beyond that, you have to rely too much on memory for accuracy.

3. What exactly qualifies as a motion?

Anything that requires an agreement by those in attendance is considered a motion. These are usually a pro...(register to read more)

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