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Always consult attorney before terminating employee who filed whistleblower complaint

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in Employment Law,Firing,Human Resources

If they can show they were fired in violation of public policy, even at-will employees in California are protected from discharge. Internally reporting illegal activity may amount to whistleblowing and may protect the worker from discharge, even if the employer has seemingly legitimate reasons for otherwise firing the worker.

That’s one good reason to consult your attorney before terminating a worker who may be a whistleblower. Although you may be confident about your rationale, it’s best to check with a legal expert.

Recent case: Diane worked for a large medical group, supervising several clinics including a neurosurgery clinic. She received generally good reviews, but they noted she did have difficulty getting along with some of her co-workers and subordinates. She was told to work on her communication skills.

The neurosurgery group began using new software for doctors to dictate clinical notes. They reviewed the no...(register to read more)

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