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Leading to TEAM

The power of committed conversations: How great leaders turn talk into action

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in Leading to TEAM

by Susan Leahy CSP and Freeman Michaels MA

What if simply adjusting your language, in a few simple ways, practiced over a fairly short period of time, could dramatically improve the results in your life?

“Talk is cheap.” As this truism suggests, our “talk” should be met with action. However, the saying is often distorted to suggest that we should only commit to those things that we are sure we can deliver on. This axiom may actually be more powerful in reverse: a lack of action is due to “cheap talk.” By “cheap talk” we, at Group to TEAM Leadership Solutions, suggest that uncommitted language is the cause of inaction and/or ineffectiveness.

Language is habitual. And our patterns of speaking have a tremendous impact on our effectiveness. The majority of leaders have little to no awareness of this and often fail to recognize that their speech patterns, and the patterns of those on their team, are actually ...(register to read more)

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