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Leading to TEAM

TEAM is a mindset

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in Leading to TEAM

by Susan Leahy CSP and Freeman Michaels MA

Have you ever considered: “Who generates TEAM?”

Many of us give the power to create team to forces outside of ourselves. We blame circumstances or “the system” for preventing team. Often we give the power to people who we view as superior or more important than us because of their title, age, or perceived intelligence.

What becomes possible if the answer to the question, “who generates TEAM, is “I generate TEAM.”

A consistent and sustainable TEAM does not occur because of luck or circumstances. We needn’t wait for someone else to give us permission to create TEAM. We don’t need to find just the right selection of people to produce a powerful TEAM. Nor do we need to wait for certain people to “get it” for us to produce amazing teams. TEAM stems from how we “show up”. TEAM comes from our personal commitment to collaboration, to “win/win,” and to mut...(register to read more)

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