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5 tips to manage volunteers on staff

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,People Management

Manging volunteers Many people who work in nonprofit organizations find themselves working alongside and supervising volunteers. When working with volunteers, keep these five suggestions in mind:

1. Be sure that everyone has a clear understanding of the volunteers’ role. Volunteers need to be fully occupied in meaningful work or they can quickly become demotivated. Be sure that they are given a reasonable variety of work to do. Make sure not to sign up more volunteers than you can use.

2. Involve volunteers in plans and changes. Include volunteers in meetings with the rest of the staff and give them the opportunity to provide input into changes that are being considered.

3. Give both formal and informal recognition. Take time to thank volunteers for their hard work and contributions to your organization’s success.

4. Provide opportunities to evaluate the staff-volunteer relationship. The key to volunteer satisfaction and retention is keeping the lines of communication open about what is working well and what is not.

5. Don’t accept substandard work or unproductive habits. While most volunteers perform beyond the call of duty, some don’t. If you feel a volunteer is compromising your organization, then you need to act or discuss the problem with a supervisor who can act.

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