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4 reasons to book that vacation

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in Career Management,Workplace Communication

If you’re feeling any of the following, it’s a sign you need to disconnect from the job and enjoy a summer vacation:

You dread work. A job you once loved—or at least tolerated—makes you feel miserable.

Small things upset you. You lose your temper over trivial issues or respond negatively to everything.

You worry all the time. You worry that you can’t catch up or keep up. You question the quality of your work and worry that others will notice you’re slipping. Your stress keeps you up at night and is affecting your personal life.

Your productivity is plummeting. You are burned out, distracted and exhausted, and that has slowed your progress and increased your mistakes.

Take a break, completely unplug and have fun during a vacation you’ve earned. You’ll come back to work recharged and ready to work.

— Adapted from “7 Signs You Need a Vacation,” Care2, www.care2.com.

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