Writing a LinkedIn recommendation

Draft a winning LinkedIn recommendation for a former co-worker, employee or client with these tips:

Don’t write it if you can’t be honest. If you don’t remember the person or his or her performance was less than ideal, decline. You don’t want to endorse people unless you know they deserve it.

Explain how you worked together. For example, “Kelly was my employee for five years at XYZ corp.”

Provide real-life examples of the person’s best traits or skills. For example, instead of saying “Tony is hardworking,” say: “Tony exceeded his sales quota by at least 20% six different times during his 7-year career with our organization.”

Talk about the person’s character. Beyond just credentials and skills, people want to know what it’s like to work with the person. Offer a taste of that. For example, “Gina was our team motivator. She was always smiling, praising people and lending a helping hand.”

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End with a direct recommendation. For example, “I loved working for Antonio. He taught me so much about this industry and how to succeed. I know he will be an asset to your organization.”

— Adapted from “How to Write LinkedIn Recommendations That Will Make Your Coworkers Love You and Could Even Boost Your Own Career,” Rachel Premack, Business Insider, www.businessinsider.com.