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Boost meeting participation

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

If you’re fed up with doing all the talking during team meetings, here’s how you can encourage others to participate:

Delegate agenda items to employees. You shouldn’t be responsible for all the work. Ask each person to cover one agenda or action item. Employees will be responsible for researching, creating needed handouts, and leading the discussion.

Offer everyone a chance to speak. With smaller groups, go around the table and ask employees to contribute new feedback or ideas—not just agree with what they’ve already heard. With larger groups, ask people specific questions, being sure not to always go to the same people for feedback.

Don’t speak. If you rush to fill every bit of silence, people won’t need to speak up. Pose a question or elicit feedback, and then pause until someone on the team weighs in.

— Adapted from “Dear Dan: How Do I Get My Team to Participate in Meetings?,” Dan Rockwell, Leadership Freak Blog, https://leadershipfreak.blog.

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