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3 more things not to say at work

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in Office Communication,Workplace Communication

Here’s the latest installment of phrases you should never utter at work—unless you want people to think less of you:

“She’s cray-cray.” “Cray-cray,” “totes,” “adorbs,” “YOLO,” “I can’t even,” and “TBH,” are just some of the Millennial slang words that have no place at work. For one, they make you sound immature and unprofessional. Two, many of your co-workers will have no idea what you’re saying, and that is just plain counterproductive.

“I need a drink.” On the surface, it seems like a light-hearted way to say you’re stressed. However, people view drinking differently. Some may jump to the conclusion that you have a drinking problem. Co-workers who are battling alcoholism may resent you for making light of their disease.

“Good girl” or “Atta boy.” You should encourage and praise others, but remember, you are congratulating a colleague, not a child. Even if you’re years—or decades—older, never call someone a “girl” or “boy.”

— Adapted from “20 Inappropriate Words and Phrases to Avoid at Work,” Chris Leitch, Career Addict, www.careeraddict.com.

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