3 rules for socializing with staff

It’s almost summer, and with it, opportunities for workplace socializing increase. If employees ask you to join them after work for a drink, it’s important that you watch yourself. Follow this advice:

Think before you accept an invitation. If the invitation is from an employee or group of employees, check to see who all is invited. Generally, if it’s the entire team or department, you are good to go. However, if it’s just a small group of people, employees who aren’t invited could see it as favoritism, and it’s best to decline.

Don’t make it all about drinking alcohol. Can you have a drink or two? Of course, just don’t become intoxicated, and never encourage employees to drink. You could behave in a way you regret if your actions get back to the office.

Leave early. It’s not a good look to go club hopping or stay out all hours of the night when you are the boss. Socialize and enjoy yourself but duck out after an hour or so. That helps you maintain your professional—and supervisory—relationship with employees.

— Adapted from “The Boss’s Guide to Hanging Out With Your Employees,” Inc., www.inc.com.

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