1-Minute Strategies: June ’18

“What are you working on?” When networking, have a solid answer for this query. More than likely, you’ll be asked this question in one form or another, e.g., “How are you responding to the current conditions?” Or “What projects are in your pipeline?” With a little advance thought, you can have a ready response that showcases your professionalism, rather than shines a light on your apathy (“Well, you know, we’re just rollin’ with the punches”).

Your employees know who you are, so why do all your internal emails end with an auto-sign off stating your full name, title, the company’s address, phone number, a link to the website, and the same tired old quote from Benjamin Franklin? Lop all that off when sending correspondence to staff, otherwise you come off like you do things uncaringly and in haste.

When leading a brainstorming meeting, a manager should chime in with his or her thoughts last. If you present your idea first, employees may instinctively just follow your lead and agree with you. Your goal is to foster different thoughts and perspectives, not to round up consensus on your preferred course of action.