The HR I.Q. Test: June ’18

1. What kind of rest breaks does federal law require?

a. At least two 15-minute breaks every eight hours

b. One 30-minute break every eight hours

c. Federal law doesn’t mandate rest breaks, but some state laws do

2. A new survey of law firms says the #MeToo sexual harassment movement has led to:

a. A spike in sexual harassment lawsuits against employers

b. An increase in anti-harassment training by employers

c. Both

3. What percentage of Americans surveyed said that they’ve give up the right to vote in exchange for a 10% raise at work?

a. 22%

b. 56%

c. 35%

4. A decade ago, 31% of global employers reported talent shortages. What is the percentage today?

a. 26%

b. 33%

c. 40%

5. What are the top two reasons (in order) employees claim for being late to work:

a. Traffic, overslept

b. Forgot something, traffic

c. Traffic, bad weather

6. COBRA requires continuing group health benefits to employees. The federal law applies to employers with:

a. 10 employees

b. 20 employees

c. 50 employees

Sources: 1. 2. Bloomberg Law report 3. LendEDU survey 4. ManpowerGroup study 5. CareerBuilder 6. U.S. Department of Labor

Answers: 1. c 2. b 3. c 4. c 5. a 6. b