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Best of the Worst: Applicants Learn New Ways to Self-Destruct

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in Business Etiquette,Hiring,Human Resources,Workplace Communication

Normal people try to put their best foot forward during job interviews. Others not so much. Like the applicant who showed up drunk. Or the guy who picked his nose. A new survey reveals some of the strangest, rudest behavior applicants display during job interviews.

The business web site Vault.com recently asked hiring managers to rate the quality of interview etiquette they experience when job seekers come calling. They didn't paint a pretty picture. Fifty-nine percent of hiring managers said job candidates’ manners have deteriorated in recent years.

According to the managers, interviewee transgressions included:

  • Using profanity (reported by 43% of those surveyed)
  • Answering a cell phone call (26%)
  • Bringing a child to the interview (19%)
  • Leaving in the middle of the interview (12%)
  • Taking a long bathroom break (5%)
  • Applying makeup (3%)

The No. 1 faux pas: Dressing inappropriately for an interview, reported by 87% of hiring managers.

Other candidate missteps included bringing lunch and eating it during the interview, crying, nose picking and showing up drunk.

Final note:
Of course, not every hiring manager is Miss Manners either. More than half of job candidates that Vault.com surveyed—55%—said the person interviewing them had interrupted the conversation to field a phone call.

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