Minneapolis gears up to enforce Safe and Sick Time Ordinance

Since Minneapolis’s Safe and Sick Time Ordinance took effect last July, the city has been working with employers to help them comply with the law. For almost a year, the city has levied no fines. That will all end on July 1.

Under the ordinance, employers must allow employees to accrue up to 48 hours of paid leave each year to use if they or a family member is ill or to deal with issues resulting from incidents of domestic violence.

The year-long Safe and Sick Time Ordinance roll-out has been generally positive. Some employers have even voluntarily paid fines to demonstrate their commitment to the law. For example, UPS reimbursed employees for double their back pay after the company refused to permit employees to take time off before the holidays.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune attracted the city’s attention after a supervisor at the paper’s printing plant placed a sign in his office window discouraging workers from taking time off. The city found no actual wrongdoing and the supervisor agreed to take the sign down.

Note: The ordinance covers all employers with at least six employees.

Online resource: Minneapolis provides extensive employer resources on Safe and Sick Time compliance at sicktimeinfo.minneapolismn.gov/employer-resources.html.