Court knocks down multi-state wage-and-hour class action

A federal court has refused to certify a wage-and-hour class-action lawsuit. The crux of the case: Minnesota’s unique rules requiring employees to be paid for breaks of less than 20 minutes.

Recent case: A group of call center employees in several states sued, alleging federal and state wage-and-hour violations. They argued that the software used to track their time automatically logged them off for any breaks beyond the two five-minute breaks their employer allowed as paid. They could take additional breaks, but weren’t paid for them.

The employer said each group should file their own lawsuit because it was too difficult to manage one lawsuit across multiple states, given each state’s distinct laws.

The court agreed, noting that Minnesota requires payment for all breaks of less than 20 minutes while other states don’t. (Shoots, et al., v. iQor, DC MN, 2018)