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Use fear to propel you

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in Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

Just think of the awesome, terrible power we’ve given a certain four-letter word. Time to stop that. Fear can be a great motivator when channeled correctly:

Notice it. Become aware of how you react when scared: Do you get aggressive or go quiet? Overcompensate or avoid? Awareness isn’t about making fear go away, it’s reminding ourselves that we have choices in how we react.

Name it. Create a list of your own phobias. If you name what tests you, it might have less hold on you.

Respect it. You wouldn’t be alive without fear. It is your friend.

Challenge it. Don’t worry about conquering all your fears. This is a game more than a fight. If you create hairline fractures in a lifetime of fearful patterns, that’s a start to neutralizing what daunts you.

If we leverage fear, it can compel us to be the best version of ourselves. So if you want to lead, be afraid.

— Adapted from “Be Very Afraid: How Our Fears Can Work For Us,” Jillian Reilly, Braveshift.

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