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Can a 60-year-old bridge the generation gap?

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Q. I just entered my sixties, and I really feel a distance building between myself and the younger generations. Should I feel ridiculous about wanting to look and act younger, just so I feel like I’m more relevant to the staff around me?

A. I don’t think you should feel ridiculous at all—reality is what it is. People respect and follow those who seem most invested in life, and that’s usually the young. In addition to staying in shape, here’s the best way to seem like you’re still in the game: Be interested in the game everyone else is playing. Too often older people exhibit discomfort with new trends, new tech, new ways of looking at the world. That’s when you age. Make a choice to live in the present in all things, not the past, and you’ll stay relevant.

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