America’s Top 10 group health carriers

Kaiser Permanente, the California-based managed care giant, is by far the nation’s largest group health insurance carrier, according to a new analysis by Employee Benefit News and data analytics firm miEdge. Kaiser’s total premiums are 42% higher than its closest competitor, UnitedHealthcare. The 10 largest carriers:

1. Kaiser Permanente. Total premiums: $18.1 billion

2. UnitedHealthcare, $12.7 billion

3. Aetna, $6.9 billion

4. Health Care Service Corp., $6.9 billion

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5. Anthem, $5.6 billion

6. Cigna, $4.1 billion

7. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, $2.4 billion

8. Blue Shield of California, $2.3 billion

9. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, $1.7 billion

10. Highmark, $1.7 billion.