Share knowledge with Classroom

Do you have the responsibility to impart knowledge to your co-workers? Would you like an easy way to do it? Try Google’s Classroom app. If you’ve ever taken a college course online, the platform should look familiar. The instructor creates the course, posts questions and assignments. You can even grade them and download rosters and progress to a spreadsheet.

Classroom1. To begin, click on the waffle on the Google screen and then the More link if necessary to find the Classroom button. Click it to launch the app.

2. At the top right corner of the screen you’ll notice a plus button, click that to create a class. If you are planning to use this in a school environment, there are some special requirements, including registering for a G Suite for Education account. Otherwise, check the box which indicates that you are not doing that.

Create class3. Give your class a name. Designate a Section and a Subject in the dialog box. Once you’ve completed that, it may take a few moments for the page to launch.

4. You may customize the main screen for your class, called a Stream, by choosing a built-in theme or uploading a photo. The dimensions that will be used are 800×200. It’s best to make sure your photo meets that requirement before uploading.

5. Once on this screen, look for the plus button at the bottom right of the screen to add posts, questions, assignments, and announcements.

6. Click on the Students page to start inviting students. Or, provide them with the class code that appears in the upper left part of the screen. Students will receive an email with a link to join and to authorize Classroom to share their contact information with other students.

ThemeNow that you’ve set up your classroom and invited students to attend, you can check progress on assignments on the Students tab. A folder is created on Google Drive specifically for documents turned in by students for this class. You may award 0–100 points for a grade, then download those grades in comma separated value format to be opened in Sheets, Excel or any other program that can use a .csv file as input.

Here are some ideas for Classroom in your organization.

  • Releasing new policies? Send a link to each topic of the policy and then test for understanding with a Google Forms quiz. Think about how many times people just read a policy, but don’t understand it! This would give some assurance that they actually know how to implement it in their daily work.
  • Rolling out new procedures for escalating customer calls? Set up assignments matching various customer interactions and the appropriate actions. Ask for brief narratives like customer scenarios as assignments to test understanding of how to resolve them.
  • Just returned from a conference? Share links to materials and notes with co-workers. Entertain questions and comments as a “class discussion.” If you’re in a position to require participation, request feedback from class participants to “pass.”