Smartphone email apps: You have a choice!

Did you know there are multiple apps for email on your smartphones? lists 10 of its favorites on its site.

Since you may be getting email from a few different services, it’s good to have an app that will handle multiple inboxes and multiple service brands.

Consider one of these:

  • Blue Mail
  • Mail Wise
  • myMail
  • Astro

Blue Mail and Mail Wise support Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, Exchange in IMAP format. Blue Mail also does POP3 in addition to IMAP. And, MailWise has DropBox support.

Need something even more comprehensive? Try myMail. It supports Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, Exchange as IMAP or POP3 services. The downside to myMail is ads.

Blue Mail, Mail Wise, and myMail are free from the Google Play, though certain levels of MailWise might cost a few dollars as a subscription.

On the iPhone, look into Astro for email and calendaring. It comes with Astrobot, which lets you dip a toe into AI and enables Astro to respond to hundreds of commands. It even integrates with Slack. It only works with Gmail and Office 365 (Outlook) at the moment.

You can also use the Gmail iPhone app as well as the Outlook app for iPhone. If you use one of these for personal email and one for business, this would allow you to keep them separate.

If you prefer a unified inbox and more omnibus brand support, try Edison Mail, which supports Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, and others. Email apps for iPhone are all available from iTunes.

As with most mobile apps, if you’re working in a BYOD office, be sure that the mail app you choose is compliant with your organization’s security and usage requirements. It may be best to keep a couple of apps to separate email accounts. That way, you can easily disconnect your work email by uninstalling the app, rather than trying to unravel it from a combined installation. Look for apps that integrate with or include calendar and tasks apps or functionality. Guard against too many apps from too many different providers to avoid missing important assignments and messages.