Try this checklist technique

Sophie Miles, CEO of, writes: “I really have tried everything to stay motivated and focused at work, from decorating my workspace to doing yoga before lunch. However, what really worked for me was the magic of the checklist! My checklists are a bit particular because I do not use a single sheet of paper. I use individuals sticky notes for each task.

“Every day before starting work, I check my agenda and define the activities that I have to carry out that day. Next, I write them down on sticky notes and stick every one on the edge of my notebook.

“As I complete them, I take them out of the notebook. Then I make sure that the task was completed; for example: The email was sent, the payment was arranged, the file updated or whatever the activity was about. Indeed, it is based on a famous four-step management method called PDCA (plan-do-check-act), but I like to think it is just a sticky notes game. It is amazing how well it works!

“Finally, I make a roll of the note and throw it into the trash can. (That is my favorite part!) I know my day is over when there are no more notes left on my notebook.”