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Little things can add up to discrimination and harassment

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in Discrimination and Harassment,Firing,Hiring,Human Resources,Leaders & Managers,Management Training

Do your managers and supervisors understand that ostracizing an employee can backfire? Do they make diligent efforts to train everyone equally and include everyone in work-related social events? If not, it’s time to remind them.

Simply put, even little things can quickly add up to a hostile environment or sex discrimination case—especially if the workforce was previously heavily skewed in favor of one sex.

Recent case: Wendy Sturm-Sandstrom started working for the Cook County Sheriff’s Department as a temporary clerk but eventually became a full-time deputy sheriff. However, disenchanted with the training she received and the exclusion she felt in a predominately male profession, she quit and sued.

She alleged that the work environment was so dreadful that she had no choice but to quit. That’s known as constructive discharge.

The court hearing her case first said that someone alleging she had been constructive...(register to read more)

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