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Only 29% of U.S. workers classify themselves as fully engaged in their jobs, says a recent Gallup poll. The others are floaters or have completely checked out.

Disengaged employees have lower productivity, higher absenteeism, provide poor customer service and hurt the bottom line. 

Don’t think you can pick them out of a lineup. Employees usually become disengaged long before they start showing obvious signs. By the time you spot the symptoms, employees may already be job searching or have left.

Many organizations conduct periodic employee engagement surveys to check the  pulse of their work forces. Surveys can accurately measure engagement, but only if they include the right questions.

If you’re creating your own survey, use some of the following 17 questions that go to the heart of the issue:  

  1. Does the organization motivate you to do your best job every day?
  2. Does your job offer you a chance to show what you do best?
  3. Does working at this organization give you a feeling of job satisfaction and achievement?
  4. Does your supervisor care about you as an individual?
  5. Do you believe that management seriously considers your suggestions?
  6. Did you have opportunities to grow and learn over the past year?
  7. Do you know the mission of the organization?
  8. Do you feel your job is important to the mission of the organization?
  9. Are you satisfied with how often you receive praise or recognition for doing a good job?
  10. Do you get as much access as you need to managers and supervisors?
  11. Do you know what your supervisor expects from you?
  12. Do you feel you have the support you need to do your job correctly?
  13. Does the organization help you identify career development needs and improve skills with training?
  14. Has a supervisor or manager talked with you about your career in recent months? 
  15. Do you believe your co-workers are dedicated to doing quality work?
  16. Do you have a close friend at work?
  17. Would it take a lot for you to leave this organization? 

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