Why you’re ignored on LinkedIn

If you reached out to someone on LinkedIn and haven’t heard a peep from the person, here’s why:

You asked for something too soon. Before you ask for a favor, such as connecting you with someone or endorsing your skills, you need to foster a relationship. Introduce yourself, share information or offer to do the person a favor first before you ask for something. Most important, make sure the person is the right person to contact for introductions or advice.

You stalked your contacts. If you send multiple messages and comment on every update, you may come across as desperate. Or you could outright annoy them. Don’t bombard them with messages, and refrain from commenting on every activity.

They were busy. Maybe they just haven’t had time to respond yet, or they aren’t that active on LinkedIn. Or they simply forgot to respond. If you haven’t heard back, don’t take it personally. Reach out again after two weeks, and if you still hear nothing, let it go and network with someone else.

— Adapted from “8 Reasons You Got Ghosted by a LinkedIn Connection,” Ariella Coombs, Work It Daily, www.workitdaily.com.

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