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Payroll Today

Nonexempts on the phone or online after hours? NYC prepares to tackle the paid-time problem

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Alice Gilman

by on
in Payroll Today

It’s no secret that employees use their phones, tablets and other electronic devices to perform work after hours. That creates all sorts of problems with employee burnout in general.

In particular, it causes overtime pay problems for employers whose nonexempt employees dial in or log on after hours.

At least one jurisdiction is looking at ways to prevent such off-the-clock compensation issues. New York City has released a proposed ordinance that would prohibit employers from requiring employees to access work-related electronic communications outside their normal working hours.

Could this be the beginning of a nationwide trend?

If you can unplug here, you can unplug anywhere

An exception to the unplugging rule would be made if employees need to be on-call 24 hours a day while they’re working (for example, doctors) or you need to contact employees in emergencies.

However, “emergencies” would be defined narrowly....(register to read more)

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