More ‘chiefs’ means more engagement

At West Monroe Partners, a Chicago-based management consulting firm, you can meet the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Hot Sauce Officer.


“West Monroe Partners has a yearly budget of $1 million to allow employees to be Chief “Anything” Officer, said Christina Galoozis, content marketing manager.

The program allows employees to be the “chief” of anything they want to be—as long as they submit a business plan that is accepted by the firm, Galoozis said.

“The program puts the firm’s money directly in the hands of its employees, allowing them to spend as they see fit in fulfilling the mission of their role,” she said. “For a chief hot sauce officer, that is ordering and stocking different hot sauce brands for the office. For the chief golf officer, it’s organizing charity golf events and weekend social outings. For the chief beer officers, it’s making sure the office kegs are stocked and vary in taste and types throughout the year. The program helps younger employees take on leadership and budget management responsibilities that accelerate the development of their careers.”