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Sluggish staff? There’s a nap for that

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in Leaders & Managers,People Management

Could permitting employees to take a short nap re-energize your workplace? The National Sleep Foundation touts that 20–30 minutes of shut-eye can improve mood, alertness, and performance.

Google, a perpetual presence on lists of best places to work, has gained attention for its high-tech nap pods. These individual sleeping units block out external stimuli, recline, offer a soothing music option, and include a timer that uses light and vibration to gently wake up the napper.

Don’t have Google’s resources? Get creative. “Since we understand employees can get tired, especially mid-week, we’ve set up a bean bag area which is perfect for napping,” says Alexander Winston, managing director at PPC Protect Limited. “Anyone can go over during the day to rest their eyes or catch a quick power nap.”

Joanna Douglas, owner of Clean Affinity Cleaning Service, has a similar low-cost option. “We have a few mats set up in an empty boardroom. I allow my employees to take a quick nap before they serve the next client because it can be very tiring to clean and clean. We have noticed that after the nap they become more alert and more attentive to instructions, which results in good customer feedback for us.”

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