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Big win for Uber: Drivers are contractors

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in Employment Law,Human Resources

A federal court in Pennsylvania has handed a big win to employers in a case that hinged on whether Uber drivers are properly classified as independent contractors instead of employees.

Smart employers can study the case to see the kinds of tactics Uber used to minimize the risks inherent in classifying workers as contractors. In today’s gig’ economy, it’s crucial for employers to get the contractor vs. employee classification right.

Get it wrong, and employers may owe a large group of workers thousands or even millions of dollars in pay and benefits, plus face potential IRS scrutiny for failing to withhold and pay taxes.

Recent case: The case pitted Uber, the ride-hailing company that has shaken up the taxi business, against UberBlack drivers. The drivers contended that, while they had signed independent contractor agreements in order to drive in Uber’s premium product category, they were treated more like employe...(register to read more)

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