Schneiderman: Personal liability in Weinstein case

In court documents related to the state of New York’s sexual harassment lawsuit against the Weinstein Company, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman leveled blistering criticism at the film production firm’s embattled founder Harvey Weinstein. But he wasn’t Schneiderman’s only target.

Schneiderman says the company’s directors condoned Weinstein’s alleged pattern of sexual harassment and abuse.

Court documents call out the board of directors for looking the other way as harassment complaints against Weinstein piled up over a 12-year period. Specifically, the complaint alleges that despite being “repeatedly presented with credible evidence of Mr. Weinstein’s harmful activity,” the board never launched an investigation. Schneiderman wants the directors removed.

The AG’s complaint claims that several board members were alerted to Weinstein’s activities by management and did nothing. When Weinstein’s contract came up for renewal, some directors wanted to see his personnel file before starting negotiations. A majority of the board blocked that effort. The company’s HR department also allegedly took no steps to investigate any of the numerous complaints leveled at Weinstein.

The state complaint seeks the termination of any complicit board members when the Weinstein Company is sold.