Three things not to do after leaving a job

When you leave a job with an organization, your responsibility to that company doesn’t completely end on your last day, says Cheryl Hyatt of Hyatt-Fennell, an executive search firm. Don’t:

1. Be a stranger. You won’t talk to your former associates every day or every week, but make an effort to reach out several times a year to keep up. You never know when you’ll get the chance to work together again.

2. Bad-mouth your associates. It can be natural at a new job to try to bond through complaining. Choose to be positive about what you learned and about how excited you are to be with your new company.

3. Violate an NDA. It can be tempting to think that no one will find out if you mention something off-hand that was covered in a nondisclosure agreement; however, even if no one ever finds out, you will have damaged your credibility with your current company. If you don’t show loyalty to a previous employer, why should they think you’d show it to them?