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Instant gratification is rarely good for you

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There are many things you miss out on by having everything you want appear instantly, Dianne Wilson writes.

While working toward a goal, you can get to know yourself. “It’s in the slog of daily living that we discover our greatest strengths and weaknesses,” Wilson writes. “Embrace normal life; don’t fight it.”

Waiting can make you more resourceful. Until a new romantic interest, payday or a promotion comes along, you have to learn to work with what you have and make the best of it.

Working for achievements also builds tolerance and empathy. If everything comes easily, you may start to be a little spoiled. Waiting through your own struggles, however great or small, will help you understand that others are waiting also.

— Adapted from “10 Reasons Waiting is Good for You,” Dianne Wilson, Lifehack.

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