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3 bad salary negotiation strategies

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When the chance arises to negotiate your compensation package, says Cory Klupfer, entrepreneur and author of Authentic Negotiating, avoid these three pitfalls:

1. Talking too much. Clarity of your purpose and knowing exactly what is acceptable and unacceptable on each term of the deal will allow you to stay calm, which will allow you to listen. Next, learn to be comfortable with silence. When you allow the other party to fill it, you can better gauge the offer.

2. Letting ego take over. Staying humble and present will help you present your most authentic self. Detachment from a specific outcome will allow you to truly listen to what the other party is offering.

3. Being too rigid to other available options beyond having your salary increased. If you are able to maintain your equilibrium and not get reactively rigid, opportunities for creative solutions are more likely to arrive. Identify why you want a raise and don’t stop at “I want more money.” Why do you want more money?

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