Newest trends in mobile mean new abbreviations

The alphabet soup of mobile technology has grown a bit. You might know what AI stands for, but do you know about AR (not accounts receivable)? Get ready for some new alphabet soup.

AI – Yes, you guessed. It’s Artificial Intelligence. As it relates to mobile tech, it is allowing operators and network providers to predict demands on their services. This can help with “rush hour” for providers by automatically managing networks for heavy loads and help them plan how to best expand. For devices, more and more apps will have the ability to learn how you work and respond by making your work easier. From ordering coffee, to reminding you that you were looking at purchasing a certain item that is available at a store down the street, AI is making your device more than just a tiny computer, it’s making it an intelligent assistant.

AR – This stands for Augmented Reality. Think about how you see maps on Google when you’re looking at the street view. As you head in a particular direction a line appears. AR basically means superimposing images on top of reality-based views on your devices. (Have you ever seen the yellow line on the field during a telecast of a football game? That’s AR!) More applications will have these types of overlays, making your world easier to navigate and your plans closer to … well … reality. Oh, and yes, you’ll be able to play even better versions of Pokémon Go, an AR-based game by Niantic.

IoT – You might have come across this one before. It stands for the Internet of Things. If you consider how many things are now embedded with internet connectivity, the internet is not just some big computers in a few places. It’s all of the connected devices in all of the places. While some of it is a bit terrifying, IoT is being employed for good, for example in healthcare. Telemedicine becomes a viable alternative to in-person medical care for those who live in remote locations. They can be “seen” and evaluated by a physician sooner than they might have otherwise.