3 communication faux pas

Everybody has at least one co-worker whose behavior grates their nerves. Make sure that you aren’t the one annoying others by avoiding these three seemingly innocent communication mistakes:

Refusing to turn off your cellphone. If your custom ring tone constantly goes off during meetings, work conversations or even as it sits on your desk, people are annoyed. Even when it’s on vibration mode, it’s loud. Turn it off when you should be focused on other people or projects.

Talking too loudly. Whether it’s on a personal or work call or as you speak to co-workers in the office, if you are a loud talker, it’s distracting teammates.

Being unreachable. Perhaps you are always traveling for work, you work from home, you are always in meetings or some other reason that pulls you away from your desk. If people can’t reach you in person, make sure you are quick to respond to their emails, texts and phone calls.

— Adapted from “13 Types of Annoying Co-Workers—Make Sure You’re Not One of Them!,” Lauren Cahn, Reader’s Digest, www.rd.com

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